Company Overview

We are a global software services company, delivering enabling technologies that transform business outcomes. We offer strategic technology consulting, solution delivery, and custom software engineering that drives success for multinational companies.

Working at the leading edge

By helping to bring some of the most innovative products and services to consumer markets worldwide, we’re experts in all of our technology areas – improving quality and reducing risk for our customers. With an in-depth knowledge across all software layers, platforms and hardware, we deliver with insight, creating new products, solving complex problems and optimising functionality and interactions at every level.

Rated for top performance

We’re chosen for our honest approach, our leading technical expertise, the quality of our people, our ability to ramp up fast, the way we take responsibility, and because we’re easy to work with. We consistently achieve top customer ratings for technical skills and expertise, delivery quality, flexibility and attitude.

A proven nearshore model

We’ve believed in and stuck to our dedicated nearshore model for specific customers from the very start, even when others were rushing offshore.

No time zone, visa, language or cultural issues

Our thousand-strong high calibre team of hand-picked engineers and project managers bring you technical innovation, thought leadership and outstanding software engineering from our UK headquarters and our ten global R&D centres in Europe and North America.

Understanding the full picture

Our engagements range from proof of concepts through to highly complex programmes involving teams of 100 plus engineers . We also work across the full software lifecycle and across the entire software stack from reference platforms through to UI/UX. So even if we’re just working on one specific element, our understanding of the whole picture means better products for our customers.

Key Facts

  • Founded in 2004
  • Still run by our founding members and senior management team
  • Expert staff with more than half being senior level engineers, consultants, and project Managers
  • 90% staff retention
  • Named in the Vision Mobile Top 20 world leading system integrators and software service companies for mobile
  • Named five times in the Sunday Times Tech track top 100
  • Named In the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 companies to inspire Britain