Why Mobica?

Experts in Technology

More than half our work is in R&D. Nearly all of it involves connected devices. Working with innovative, often bleeding edge technologies on complex, next generation projects means we use every last drop of our experience to help our customers constantly perfect their products and their offer. It means less risk for you too, simply because we have proven expertise in the technology you want.

Right across the board

We work across all levels of the software stack, from application layer UI design and development, through middleware and hardware abstraction to device drivers and board support packages – and at all stages of the software life cycle  from consultancy on new ideas all the way through to design, development, QA and maintenance. You can call on us too for the widest possible range of specialist services – including our dedicated engineering, UI & UX and QA teams. And because we’re independent of any product or technology, you can always be sure of an unbiased view.

True industry specialists

Just as important, you can call on all the experience and high-tech expertise of people who are steeped in your issues, who live and breathe your world, and who can bring you cutting edge technologies and crossover ideas from other industries.

Complete security – no IP retention

We do whatever it takes to maintain absolute security and confidentiality – including intensive training, security audits, secure rooms, blacked windows, coded access and NDAs. We never retain any IP, so you’ll never run into any licensing issues with us.

“I was really happy with the results and the manner in which the project was conducted, and it was certainly interesting to see how you blended your automotive knowledge and experience of other industries to highlight features of interest to users.”

Leading Automotive Tier 1 Company

Scale plus specialism

Scale plus specialism

With ten global R&D centres in Europe and North America, we’re ready to scale and ramp up fast with teams of 100+ engineers to take on large and complex programmes. That means little or no waiting time – and your products faster to market. Most of our major programmes include a leadership team co-located on our clients’ sites.

Yet at the same time we’re still small enough to stay agile, competitive and able to give you the personal attention you deserve. We do this through our specialist industry teams with experts who are fully dedicated to your project.

Rely on us to be able to respond fast and start a new project at short notice.

  • 800+ highly skilled engineers
  • 20-30 new recruits joining each month
  • Specialist industry teams dedicated to your project

“Within a short timeframe, Mobica ramped up the team levering previous TomTom experience and secured the key skills required. I consider the team highly capable, delivering high quality code and going beyond what is required to fix additional bugs and issues outside of their immediate area”


Easy to work with

Easy to work with

Mobica Vs Farshore

1. Our customers tell us that …

They like Mobica’s culture of asking challenging questions, taking the time to understand and collaborate during requirements capture. This ensures the successful and timely delivery of their project.

Easy to work with

Mobica Vs Farshore

2. We deliver on continuity – keeping key people on your projects

We won’t leave you with the ‘C Team’.

Our attrition rates are <10% which means that our best engineers stay on your project.

Easy to work with

Mobica Vs Farshore

3. All our engineers and project managers speak fluent English

Working without language barriers is a key ingredient to our success and helps to deliver the best outcome for your project.

Easy to work with

Mobica Vs Farshore

4. Your IP is protected

We never retain any IP.

In the nearshore countries where we operate, your IP is fully protected by law.

Proven nearshore model

We believe that our nearshore model brings the ideal balance between culture, time zone, flexibility and price. That’s because with European and North American R&D centres we’re usually in your time zone – without language barriers, cultural issues, long haul flights or problems with visas.

Our dedicated development centres in Poland and Mexico for specific customers bring together affordable rates with degree level education, technical brilliance, English fluency, loyalty and a hard work culture. It’s something we’ve believed in and stuck to from the very start, even when others were rushing offshore. Today, many customers see us as their local office – a natural extension of their team.

Adaptable and flexible

The quality and experience of our engineers means we can adopt your own processes much more easily – whether it’s your version control tools, your reporting matrix or your ways of communicating.

Taking responsibility

Our experienced project managers will go out of their way to take responsibility, solve any challenges or issues pro-actively – and shield you from routine questions and communications.

Absolute honesty

While we believe we out-perform almost all the industry, not every project runs perfectly. So we’ll tell you straightaway if there’s a problem – and then do whatever it takes to solve it.

“Mobica cared about the product quality as if it were their own product. Working with Mobica has been stress free, collaborative and enjoyable.”

Leading UK Telecoms Operator

High calibre team

High calibre team

By only employing the very best engineers and project managers, and building a culture where they thrive on doing exciting and motivating work for our customers, we put huge effort into making sure you get consistent, dedicated effort. This alone sets us well apart from other software development companies whose projects can easily be impacted by lack of continuity and commitment.

Proven senior team

Our founding members who set up Mobica in 2004 still run the business today. Most of our management team have also worked for us for the last ten years as our customers have stayed with us, recommended us and enabled us to grow.

Facts and figures

  • We have an active policy of constantly looking out for and recruiting the top 5% of software engineers and QA experts
  • Our overall staff turnover is less than 10%
  • All of our engineers in Poland have a five year degree – most with a further Masters – with 55% having between five and 25 years’ experience
  • Quarterly business reviews with clients consistently place us among their top performing suppliers for technical skills and expertise, delivery, quality, flexibility and attitude
  • Many of our of engineers are recruited through personal recommendations based on known experience and expertise

“We are positively surprised with high skills and deep expertise of Mobica’s engineers. Mobica is a reliable partner that brings significant contribution to our business by helping us to bring faster a new product to the market.”


Proven track record

The Result? A proven track record – and trusted partnerships


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It’s simple. With Mobica you’ll get what you want:

  • The expert skills you need

  • An experienced, dedicated, high quality team

  • Fast scalability on critical time to market projects

  • Reliable delivery – we’ll do as we say

  • The flexibility to work your way, using your processes

  • A safe choice – low risk

“Mobica supported us with a time critical project. This was the first time that we have ever engaged with a development partner and there was some apprehension, however, Mobica guided us through this process, which made it a very successful collaboration. The project was completed well ahead of schedule with Mobica providing a high quality delivery.”

Kelvin Hughes