Careers at Mobica

When you join Mobica, there are no limits to what you can achieve. We’re a place where you can work alongside some of the world’s best-known technology companies, famous global brands and industry leaders to bring great new ideas to life.

A career with Mobica offers you the prospect of a competitive salary, a friendly, open and supportive culture, travel opportunities and excellent benefits. If you’d like to join a fast-paced working environment and a forward-thinking team, a career with Mobica could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

What do we offer?

Whether you’re a graduate looking to get your career off to a flying start, or a seasoned professional ready for your next move, you’ll find a career with us a rewarding experience. We’ll invest in you to further enhance your skills and develop your experience so you can produce your best work ever.

In return for your hard work and commitment, we offer:

  • A competitive salary and remuneration package
  • Annual salary review
  • A clear and stable contract
  • Private medical insurance (Poland, Mexico and US)
  • Specialised training programmes
  • Unlimited career development opportunities
  • Flexible working hours to help you manage your work/life balance
  • Regular performance reviews for continual professional development
  • Social events for team building
  • Relocation assistance if you need it
  • A desirable working location
  • Opportunities to do great work for leading multi-national customers

Do your best ever work with us

Whether you’re looking to gain wide-ranging experience and build up your skills, or specialise in your own field of expertise, you’ll get the chance to work on some of the world’s most exciting projects.

Because we work with bleeding edge and coming technologies – with more than 50% of what we do in R&D – you’ll be able to constantly stretch your skills and grow your knowledge. You’ll work with some of the industry’s finest engineers and architects, working on projects at the cutting edge of technology innovation.

Developing and progressing your career

We’ll do everything we can to help you realise your potential – giving you the development, support and resources you need to do your best work at all times.

Whether you want to concentrate on building your expertise in software development or widen your career, we’ll help you with continuous professional development.
It’s how we build strong, capable teams and retain the very best people who enjoy and thrive in their roles.

These are just some of the ways we’ll help you develop and progress your career:

Clear career pathways

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Opportunities for career progression

Read our career progression stories >

Mobica Business Academy

A series of meetings designed to introduce new managers and those who would like to become managers in the future to areas they will need to become learned in. During the 11 sessions, our long-term managers will discuss various aspects of subjects including legal, finance, communication, human resources management, and other broadly defined skills.

PM training

A series of training sessions (divided into 11 subject areas) for Project Managers, Team Leaders and Group Managers. Carefully selected topics are covered to acquaint everyone with the most important aspects of project management at Mobica, as well as to introduce them to the organisation’s framework. During these meetings, experienced trainers convey not only theoretical knowledge but their own experience as well.


We are constantly working on expanding and improving our offer for employees. New cycles are organised every year. In 2015 we prepared many workshops, including a series on Android for beginners.

Knowledge sharing sessions

The grassroots initiatives of our engineers. These informal meetings are cyclical, organised by engineers who are passionate about specific technologies. Knowledge Sharing sessions are very popular among our employees.

Lessons learned

A series of workshops dedicated to enhancing problem management abilities/ problem solving skills in a project. Workshop participants together with an experienced project manager go through various project stages described in a specially prepared case study, discuss observed risk areas and problems and find appropriate solutions.

Talent spotting programme

We identify high potential recruits and then allocate a mentor, directing their steps to progress.

Career progression stories


From Graduate Software Engineer to Customer Engagement Manager

“Mobica has been able to provide me with fantastic opportunities and the support I have needed to make the most of them.”

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“I started working for Mobica in 2008 as a graduate software engineer and since then I have been able to hold many interesting and challenging roles from helping to run projects as a technical lead or project manager to running a delivery department of 50 engineers. I am currently working in our customer engagement team with our most important customers to make sure that Mobica delivers the best service possible at all levels. Each role I have held has presented a new and exciting challenge for me and has allowed me to learn a whole new set of skills on top of the software engineering skills I had when I joined Mobica.

I have been given the opportunity to work for some of the largest technology companies in the world on a variety of projects from low level device drivers to applications published on Google Play and in the Windows Phone Marketplace, reaching hundreds of thousands of users. The variety of the roles that I have held has allowed me to learn about our business from the individual projects up to managing large teams and customer accounts. Mobica has been able to provide me with fantastic opportunities and the support I have needed to make the most of them.”


From Project Manager to Delivery Unit Manager

“Everyone can share their own ideas”

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“I started in 2013 as a Project Manager – after three months I was nominated to be Resource Manager for our FinTech sector. At Mobica, I have worked on a programme for a mobile money solution programme – Three projects with teams of between 12 and 50 people. In parallel to this I’ve created a Customer Facing coaching workshop for the Mobica community. After two and a half years I was promoted to become a Delivery Unit Manager, responsible for the FinTech sector – 120 engineers throughout three sites; Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and Lublin.

I like that Mobica is very dynamic and proactively following market trends. At Mobica everyone can share their own ideas and implement them across the entire company. I love our engineers’ passion, most of them are crazy about programming. This is what inspires me to make new ideas not only for the company but also for life.”


From Senior Software Tester to Warsaw Site Manager

“The nature of your work at Mobica can change very quickly – this makes each working day interesting”

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“I joined Mobica as a Senior Software Tester in 2011, I initially had a brief experience of test leading and management prior to joining. They gave me the opportunity to move into test leading which evolved into test management over time. The biggest learning experience was when I had the opportunity to start a project in the Marine sector from initial concept all the way through to the delivery of a long term project, with a great quality record and high customer satisfaction. After a time, a customer closely related to the marine customer required something similar – "to set up a high quality long term project". This gave me an opportunity to repeat this over with a customer in the Infrared technologies sector.

I was managing a great QA team in Warsaw, which then created the opportunity for me to move up to being Site Manager. I like trying to help people improve whether that is in a sport or business environment. I find the two can crossover in terms of learning and development. The nature of your work at Mobica can change very quickly so this makes each working day interesting. The main thing I like about working in Mobica has been the people I have gotten to know over that time.”


From Software Engineer to Delivery Unit Manager

“Being a constantly growing company creates a lot of opportunities to expand your career’

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“I started working at Mobica as a member of the first team in Poland in 2006 as a Software Engineer. Since then my roles have grown immensely and now I have a variety of roles such as VP Delivery of Marine, Aerospace, Medical & Defence, VP Customer Engagement and I’m supporting many COO activities. Mobica is a great place to work, to progress your career and self-development.

Being a constantly growing company creates a lot of opportunities to expand your career together with the company. What helped me to grow the most was the volume of highly skilled people I’ve met on my career path, from whom I could learn a lot. There are many things to like about Mobica, but for me the most important one is a friendly atmosphere.”

So what does it take?

The things we look for most are a can-do attitude and the motivation to serve our customers well. If you can show 100% commitment and reliability, we want to hear from you.

For most positions we ask that you simply send us your CV. If you’re what we’re looking for we’ll get in touch by phone to find out more about you and give you a chance to ask questions about the role.


The next step is a technical phone interview with our one of technology experts.

From there, candidates are short-listed for a face-to-face interview. If this is successful, we’ll make you a job offer. This thorough recruitment process means we select only the best candidates to work at Mobica.

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