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We’re proud to be at the forefront of the automotive software revolution, partnering with the world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies to build innovative software.

We partner with the world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies to build innovative software. We bring deep expertise within critical development areas:

  • Integrated Digital Cockpit
  • Android Auto Expertise
  • Telematics & Mobility
  • Cloud technologies
  • Navigation & ADAS
  • Enhanced IVI & Embedded
  • In-vehicle Connectivity


Our heritage in the consumer electronics industry has played to our strengths, as demand grows for the latest infotainment systems to keep up with the latest trends. Successful experience with power management, fast boot, connectivity, audio / video and graphics optimisation makes us the ideal partner for infotainment system design, development, validation and verification.

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Modular platform design and development

We work for many of the leading semiconductor and silicon IP companies with automotive solutions either directly or as part of their partner network to support end customers in taking their platform to market. We’re able to design and develop solutions that take into account the need for a modular hardware structure optimised for future upgrades and enhancements.

Our team has significant experience in supporting vehicle OEMs as a Tier 1 software supplier for solutions integration, implementation and optimisation of low-level hardware-enabling software.


Supporting industry trends such as autonomous cars, mobility, legal regulations, electric vehicles and personalisation, we’re helping vehicle OEMs, Tier 1s and independent ISVs to design and develop innovative ways to allow their users to interact with their machine interface through touch, voice and gestures.

We design and develop robust HTML5 and Qt-based HMIs for safety critical industries such as automotive, marine and aviation. We’re actively working on production quality automotive HMIs that adhere to key safety standards and performance KPIs. We’re able to create bespoke HMI experiences or use existing frameworks or tools.

Recently we partnered with DiSTI to design, development and integrate innovative automotive UI solutions using DiSTI’s world-class GL Studio suite, demonstrating our work at CES earlier this year.

Radio reception

We’ve been responsible for the tuner feature in projects for car infotainment systems based on Windows CE, Linux and QNX – mainly taking care of customer requirements analysis, design, software development, module and bring-up testing, problem analysis and solving and software maintenance. We have experience of working with AM/FM, SDARS, HD Radio and DAB for a range of European and North American customers

CE device connectivity

We have specialist teams working on CE device integration into the latest infotainment systems, helping Tier1 and vehicle OEMs overcome the challenges of device management, media playback, and screen mirroring.

Bluetooth telephony

We’ve been working on phone and telephony subsystems for over 11 years, cooperating directly with semiconductor companies, Tier 1 suppliers and operating system vendors to interpret system requirements into robust software requirements that take into account the complex edge cases specific to an automotive experience – for example:

  • oFono
  • Bluez
  • PulseAudio

Mapping & navigation

We’ve been responsible for increasing the compatibility and interoperability of navigation solutions by enabling the exchange of navigational data between systems that comply with Navigation Data Standard (NDS) – with direct impact on behalf of our customers on the direction of the NDS specification.

We’re working with leading suppliers of mapping data and solutions to North American, European and Asian automotive markets and with their end customers to develop connected navigation systems, V2V/V2I systems and longer term autonomous vehicle technology. We’re involved with a number of form factors including in-vehicle head units, mobile applications, and aftermarket PNDs developing core APIs such as search, guidance, routing, rendering, places and traffic, as well as creating end user SDKs and bespoke experiences to vehicle OEMs licensing our customers technology.

We have more than 150 engineers working on navigation solutions for North America, European and Asian markets including our independent QA team who are assigned globally to help with field testing, test automation, CE device testing, and security testing.

Connectivity & security

Our focus over the past eleven years has been on building highly complex projects within the connected device market. As the vehicle becomes part of the internet, we’ve seen a huge growth in our automotive sector helping Tier1s and Vehicle OEMs develop the next generation of in-vehicle and offboard solutions. We’ve been working on leading V2V and V2I technology with our customers to provide drivers with critical information about their journey ahead, as well as ensuring the data transmitted is secured. Our connectivity experience includes:

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We’ve worked on a range of onboard and offboard telematics solutions for mobile operators, fleet management vendors, insurance companies, and OEMs of TCU units to assist with stolen vehicle tracking, emergency call, breakdown call, and vehicle monitoring.

Our experience in designing and developing highly available, robust and secure telematics systems is now being leveraged into SaaS products for highly regulated industries such as banking and insurance.

V2V Firewall

Our work in this area includes an IEEE 1609.2 security protocol to secure automotive communication systems such as in-vehicle infotainment, over-the-air updates, and any other electronic control unit comms. As well as porting a cryptography library from a Linux system to ThreadX RTOS, we built a library to meet V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle) automobile technology, and ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography) public-key cryptography for signing and verification of messages using the ECDSA algorithm.

Keyless entry systems

Partnering with a major semiconductor manufacturer, we cooperated on a passive keyless entry solution in the field of low-level software development and system verification. We took over the development of a large testbench written in C++ and SystemC used to verify the overall IC correctness with a special emphasis on an SPI-based interface.

Browsers for infotainment

We’ve worked directly with the leading WebKit and Blink based browser suppliers for infotainment systems on developing their core product or as an integration partner, with experience in working with NetFrontNX, Opera, Torch, Obigo, QtWebKit WebKitGTK and the Chromium Embedded Framework. We’re currently responsible for the browser component of a leading infotainment solution. As an independent specialist we’re responsible for porting / integration, optimisation, bespoke development and independent evaluation of new browsers for future IVI systems.

HTML5 applications

We’re working on optimised JavaScript applications for the connected car. One of our specialist teams is developing HTML5 based HMIs and applications to allow the driver to access customised applications in specialist app store governed by the OEM. We were recently chosen to assist a North American vehicle OEM to optimise a range of HTML5 applications for an in-car environment where we’re working collaboratively with app vendors and the OEM to make sure the experience is closely matched to that on a leading consumer electronic device.

Cloud Technologies

Whether it’s the power of distributed computing, faster time to market, lower IT costs, scalability, business continuity or collaborative and flexible work practices, cloud computing technologies can bring huge benefits. Yet at the same time they also create challenges in terms of finding the right fit with business requirements, and in implementing them effectively.

Our cloud engineering team has a proven record of delivering cloud technologies to our customers – both for public and private cloud systems and applications – with expertise spanning the full cloud deployment lifecycle from roadmap planning through to design, development, migration and maintenance.

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Private cloud migration

If it’s not handled well, cloud migration can prove expensive and difficult. In the worst cases it can result in disastrous data loss. Our experienced and specialised cloud migration team can first help you identify and then deliver the best private cloud solutions to fit your needs (such as OpenStack or CloudStack) – from creating the architecture of the platform solution to the migration of applications and content.

Public cloud migration

To remove the burden of managing cloud infrastructure, many companies choose to migrate their systems to public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce Heroku or Microsoft Azure. Our highly successful track record of migrating customers’ existing systems to public clouds – from planning to deployment – includes migration from on-premises e-commerce and broadcasting systems to AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

Cloud applications development

In order to enjoy the full business benefits of cloud computing, most companies will also need to build cloud applications. Our cloud computing team specialises in this area too – taking care of the architecture, development and migration of cloud applications to help make sure that the process goes smoothly and without any unforeseen problems.

Cloud management / DevOps

Once applications and systems are migrated into a private cloud they need to be managed properly. Our team of DevOps engineers help our customers to run cloud infrastructure smoothly, making sure that no problems arise and that all systems are running at highest capacity.

Success Stories

Connected Car Solution

One of Mobica’s customers, a Global tier 1 mobile operator and leader in the telecommunication industry was developing a system that provided a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) car-to-cloud and cloud-to-car connectivity service.

The system records the car usage and provides a journal of all the driving events. With this information users can keep control of their car and can get feedback on their driving style. The system operates through a downloadable smartphone application available for Android and iOS. Mobica was approached to develop the application for Android-based smartphones.

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Automotive Radio & Navigation System Testing

Mobica works with one of the biggest manufacturers in automotive industry. The Company provides software, hardware and auto parts for many car corporations and for aftermarket as well. The Customer develops Radio and Navigation System for one of the main car manufacturers in Europe and Mobica is involved in improving software quality to reach expectations of Automotive SPICE standard (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination). This System is built from many components (Building Blocks), which are developed by few teams of Software Engineers split in many locations.

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Customer experience

“TomTom selected Mobica as a software development partner to join one of our scaled agile release trains, as an “empowered scrum team”, in order to develop features for an important product launch. Using the agile manifesto principles, we placed the focus on customer collaboration and together we quickly established a solid working model to mirror the existing TomTom approach. Within a short timeframe, Mobica ramped up the team levering previous TomTom experience and secured the key skills required. The team became productive quickly, and with a proactive attitude and highly professional approach, they quickly became embedded in the broader TomTom culture.

I consider the team highly capable, delivering high quality code and going beyond what is required to fix additional bugs and issues outside of their immediate area. The team are flexible and efficient, quickly determining the scope of their work, asking questions and escalating if they are blocked outside of their control. Both the local TomTom teams and the Mobica team have also very much enjoyed working together and have remained highly motivated. The project has been successful with the support of Mobica and TomTom would certainly consider future engagements.”

Director Software Engineering, TomTom

“I was really happy with the results and the manner in which the project was conducted, and it was certainly interesting to see how you blended your automotive knowledge and experience of other industries to highlight features of interest to users.”

Leading Automotive Tier 1 Company

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