Emerging Tech

We partner with the world’s leading brands looking to grow their markets through emerging technologies, delivering technologies that transform business outcomes.



Our specialist FinTech division partners with the leading innovators in the industry. We’re working to revolutionise the way that consumers pay and manage their accounts with new payments solutions, analytics and automation.

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We play a leading role in enabling the mobile and telco industry to innovate and differentiate in fast changing environments. Our customers include mobile network operators, device OEMs, ISVs and enterprise providers – such as BlackBerry, Intel, ARM, Media5 Corporation, T-Mobile, Trainline and Vodafone.

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TV & Broadcast

We play a leading role in enabling the TV and broadcasting industry to innovate and differentiate in a fast changing environment through world class digital technology services. Our customers include TV & STB manufacturers as well as TV operators and broadcast and multimedia providers. We help these providers to stream content across multiple devices such as TVs, set top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, gaming platforms, P


Marine, Aviation and Defence

Working for leading equipment manufacturers and service providers, we design and develop systems and devices and are bringing our leading technical expertise from other industries into these markets.

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We work on the design, development, and testing of mission-critical software components for space agencies and their tier 1 suppliers – including satellite flight control software, communications, guidance, data processing and management.

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With engagements spanning medical devices, wearables, telehealth, electronic health records and industry compliant software, we specialise in the application of intelligent technology to support medical care and patient wellbeing.

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Customer experience

“We have leveraged Mobica’s high levels of expertise where they have not only developed applications that are live in BlackBerry World, but also provided valuable technical assistance to other developers. I recommend Mobica as a trusted partner and see them as one of Europe’s leading mobile developers.”

Greg Merten, Senior Director, EMEA Alliances & Business Development, BlackBerry

“Mobica is a great technology partner. They worked closely and collaboratively with us on a key product launch and proved they can produce high quality work on tight deadlines while remaining flexible and offering consultative advice as our requirements evolved. Our communication with the team at Mobica has been seamless, and they have worked as a fully integrated extension of our internal teams. Mobica cared about the product quality as if it were their own product. Working with Mobica has been stress free, collaborative and enjoyable.”

Head of Product Management, leading UK telecoms operator

“There are two reasons we will continue to use Mobica for supporting our systems. First, the depth and validity of your consultants’ knowledge base is exceptional. We do not have the time or resources to function as a training ground for consultants exploring new areas. The consultants you have provided to us have been able to make an immediate impact on our projects. In addition, they have made sure that they left us self-sufficient in those areas. Second, the value provided by Mobica strikes the right balance. Your rates are appropriately aligned but more importantly, your associates keep a firm understanding of our needs at the centre of their work at all times. They have been excellent at advising us on several possible courses of action while helping us determine which direction most closely aligns with our abilities and system plans. We will not hesitate to contact your team for our future work.”

Leading global camera OEM

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