Marine, Aviation & Defence

Working for leading equipment manufacturers and service providers, Mobica is a world leader in designing and developing marine systems and devices. We’re also bringing our leading technical expertise from other industries into the defence market.

Our work covers architecture, design and development, UI/UX, middleware and device drivers across a wide range of GPS devices and instrumentation, on-board computers, entertainment systems, guidance and communication systems, cameras and navigation systems.

Our projects have also included video streaming and codecs, multifunctional displays, 3D visualisation algorithms and graphics, ruggedised devices, imaging, surveillance and infra-red.

Navigational devices

Mobica has significant experience in the development of graphical and user-friendly User Interfaces (UI) for embedded devices. This includes automotive and marine navigation devices, various combinations of input devices including touch screen, buttons and smartphones as remote controls.

Our expertise in embedded operating systems, graphics and multimedia, across the entire software stack – from device drivers to UI layer, make Mobica highly effective at developing UIs that perform well within the constraints of the device processor and memory.

Oceanographic equipment

Our experience spans remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), sonars, radars and underwater cameras – including designing and developing the UI for oil rig ROVs incorporating diagnostic tools, developing software for real time operating systems and an extensive background in imaging, video streaming and codecs. We also offer hardware consultancy and platform design for integrating underwater cameras for ROVs.

Onboard systems

Our experience in on-board entertainment, logistics and safety and security systems includes developing software for ruggedised devices such as automotive on-board computers, telecommunications systems and radio equipment. We work on different hardware platforms including ARM and Intel as well as automated checkout counters and developing mobile applications for online booking systems. We work with and integrate graphics libraries such as OpenGL ES, OpenVG and OpenCL, and use multimedia frameworks.

Communication protocols

We develop firmware for satellite communication equipment and communication protocols used in wireless sensor networks. Our communication experience ranges from telecom applications through to video messaging and voice messaging codecs. We understand and adhere to the network standards and protocols in this field such as SIP, VoIP, SMTP and MMS. As well as our software experience we understand the functionality and stress testing of telecoms software using simulators, along with integrating hardware interfaces for microcontroller circuits such as CAN Bus and RW485.

Computer vision / image processing

Our camera experience is invaluable in image processing projects including image detection, remote sensing with minimum human intervention and object move prediction. Mobica develops video pipelines using GPUs, image signal processors and FPGAs. We’ve developed an application for recovering the 3D geometry of a scene observed in stereovision, and for positioning a medical probe on the basis of detected skin features. Our experience also includes the automatic recognition of graphical user interface components sketched by hand on paper or blackboard, and designing and developing picture-in-picture systems for an autonomous robot.

Our maritime testers team


Developing software is one thing. Testing and proving it in real life conditions is quite another. So we created from scratch a professional marine testing team – and trained mariners and sailors to become ISTQB-certified software testers.

Today, our specialised maritime team carry out open sea test trials of the latest equipment.

“Adventure sailing has always been my life and passion and is the driving force for my Mobican career. I started sailing by myself when I was five years old and have never looked back. I was a sailing instructor (for kids and adults), a skipper on chartered boats, a bosun on sailing vessels and crew on many sailing cruises. Mobica gave me the opportunity to stay in touch with the marine world (which I love) and sustainable employment, which I needed to provide for my family. Their friendly and supportive environment allows me to further develop the skills needed in our business (ISTQB, Scrum, soft skills, MBA training etc.), and also keeps me in touch with the latest marine electronic devices technology.”


Grzegorz, Software Engineer, Poland

Defence Systems

We carry out projects for companies specialising in the design and production of cameras for defence, industrial automation, intelligent transportation systems and surveillance markets. We also work for companies specialising in the design and production of object detection systems and accompanying visualisation and analysing systems.

Our projects cover R&D, profiling and optimisation, architecture, design and development, middleware and drivers for communications protocols and security.

We’ve designed and developed glue logic for cameras and specialised image and signal processing designs in VHDL or Verilog. Our projects have also included target detection, security protection, video streaming and codecs, 3D visualisation algorithms and graphics, situation awareness, sonar, 3D implementation of traffic, ruggedized devices, imaging, surveillance and infra-red.

Cameras / computer vision / image processing

We offer vast experience in designing, developing and maintaining camera firmware and accompanying desktop visualisation software. Just one example: our engineers ported and implemented image processing algorithms to a new cutting edge, specialised vision processor.

Object detection systems

Our expertise allowed us to create a 2D front-end with advanced touch interface using gestures for history scrolling, zooming and navigation. Point selection and mapping in combination with positioning and compass enabled devices allowed us to create a 3D mesh overlay on a camera image.

We developed 3D OpenGL based visualisation software that allows high resolution mapping and imagery of structures and objects of interest.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of Windows device driver development, we have supported customers with the maintenance of their PCI card for object detection.

Partners & Affiliations


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“Mobile and connected device companies come to AppCarousel and Mobica because they need custom apps, a white labeled app store and an app management platform to make their app ecosystems a reality. Together, AppCarousel and Mobica provide end-to-end solutions to companies that require custom app creation, distribution and monetization solutions for their developers, partners and customers.”



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We’re an ARM Connected Community member and part of the ARM OpenGL / ES Working Group. We have worked with ARM for a number of years and have particular expertise in the development of Mali GPU graphics. In early 2013 we were invited to join the ARM Connected Community, enabling us to share our knowledge and expertise, as well as access resources that help us to create even more innovative solutions.


Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

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Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

We’re a strategic partner to Intel’s Automotive Division and their Kendrick Peak Platform, and an official Intel IoT Solutions Alliance affiliate member as well as an engineering partner for the Intel® Atom™ Bayley Bay EV/CRB.

We have been an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate Member since 2011. Membership gives us early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support for solutions based on the latest Intel processors.



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We’ve been a member of the Khronos Group since 2013, contributing to the development of Khronos API specifications and helping to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D graphics, compute and vision platforms through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. Our engineers contribute to a number of working groups and have particular expertise in the development of conformance test suites.



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Mobica has an excellent relationship with TomTom, working on cutting-edge technologies for their navigation solutions and services.


Customer experience

“There are two reasons we will continue to use Mobica for supporting our systems. First, the depth and validity of your consultants’ knowledge base is exceptional. We do not have the time or resources to function as a training ground for consultants exploring new areas. The consultants you have provided to us have been able to make an immediate impact on our projects. In addition, they have made sure that they left us self-sufficient in those areas. Second, the value provided by Mobica strikes the right balance. Your rates are appropriately aligned but more importantly, your associates keep a firm understanding of our needs at the centre of their work at all times. They have been excellent at advising us on several possible courses of action while helping us determine which direction most closely aligns with our abilities and system plans. We will not hesitate to contact your team for our future work.”

Leading global camera OEM

Mobica in action

For a world leader in imaging, we carried out comprehensive testing of image equipment and imaging processing software using a combination of manual and automated tests.

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For EasyJet we developed windscreen de-icing electronic display software, including a tablet app with front end UI, a display computer app to provide visual input to flight crews awaiting de-icing, and wireless COM back-up communication.

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For a world leader in navigation devices we created a product pipeline development roadmap across numerous product lines, and embedded software for navigation equipment.


For a maritime specialist we carried out a feasibility of a completed hardware and software solution for an underwater digital streaming camera.

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We’re on a preferred suppliers list for a global defence, aerospace and security company.

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