Case Study

Case Study – Cloud Broadcast Scheduling System


The project was conducted for a major vendor of Workflow and Playout systems. Mobica has been helping the client since 2013 with the development of an award winning cloud based broadcast scheduling system.

Delivered Value

Mobica assigned a team of 3 to the schedule system part of the product. They focussed on delivering the following areas:

  • Continuous integration and automated testing of existing functionality
  • Design and Development of XML based schedule and content management API that allowed traffic providers to automatically upload and edit schedules and register content
  • Design and Development of the security system allowed access via X509 certificates or Web based single sign on using third party identity providers
  • Enhancements and defect fixing of existing functionality

Additionally, 1 further engineer was assigned to the embedded Linux play-out device. His main responsibilities were as follows:

  • Design and implementation of media transfer component that downloaded content for play-out
  • Optimization of the media cache used to keep content in memory prior to play-out
  • Implementation of communication with cloud services
  • Adding new elements to device’s configuration web page

Mobica enabled the client to shorten the time needed for the development of a new product, reducing its time to market. As a result a robust solution was created, that was awarded as a best product in its category.


You can download this case study here