Case Study

Case Study – Digital Signage for Aircraft De-Icing


  • The customer is one of the European leaders in the low-cost segment of the airlines industry. Recently, for the airports easyJet operates from, it intended to deploy a system for a so called “remote de-icing”. The aircrafts are deiced in the direct vicinity of the airstrip, rather than at the deicing pods near the departure hall. This saves the time between deicing and takeoff, and reduces the risk of a repeated deicing, in congestion situations (long departure planes queue).
  • Mobica was asked to develop a software solution for a digital signage HW platform, allowing for visual communication between the deicing staff and the airplane crews.

Delivered Value

Mobica designed and implemented the software for the visual signage system for displaying predefined and custom messages, accordingly to the customer requirements and relevant aviation regulations (SAE AS5635).

Mobica participated in the design and development of the solution for both the display unit and the controlling hand-held device. Additionally, Mobica participated in software integration on the display unit, helping out to integrate the wireless chipset in the operating system. The whole solution was tested in-house (with target HW units) and in the actual airfield environment.


You can download this case study here