Case Study

Case Study – Feasibility Study and DC Supporting Systems Porting


A world leader in Customer Communications Management solutions (CCM) required the performance of a feasibility study for displaying and communicating with DCs using mobile web components (iOS, Android) as well as subsequent development of a digital communication supporting systems form based on their existing services.

Delivered Value

The engagement was carried out in two distinct phases – the feasibility study and the DC form development for iOS and Android. Activities conducted in the first phase covered:

  • Analysis of mobile runtimes for iOS and Android and their cooperation/data exchange with DCs, middleware, 3rd party services and existing back-ends
  • Study of the mobile barebone reference application and its integration with the runtimes, middleware communication with mobile runtimes, back-ends and 3rd party services
  • Choice of external components for analytics, native – web code integration and push messaging
  • Building of scope for documentation and testing for the second phase


You can download this case study here