Case Study

Case Study – STB Product Maintenance


Mobica has worked for one of the major STB vendors. Due to external circumstances they had to close one of their R&D offices. As a result of this they lacked resources to maintain legacy IPTV STB products deployed in thousands of houses.

Delivered Value

Mobica helped by taking care of maintenance of 2 STB platforms. Dedicated teams of STB software engineers were establised and took technical ownership of the platforms, including project management, bug fixing, new feature development and testing. Initially both teams worked together with customer’s teams in the same location to get up to speed with existing technology. Later the work was fully shifted to Mobica R&D offices in Poland.

Scope of the work:

  • The first team focused on full software support for one of IPTV platforms. Fixing defects in all the layers of software, including mvlayer, middle-ware and drivers. The application is C/C++ based on top of embedded Linux. Architecture supports home network set-up and DLNA servers.
  • The second team focused on maintenance and development of existing SDK framework that support multiple hardware platforms. Bug fixes included AV synchronization issue. Direct Frame Buffer support was developed during this project.

Mobica teams managed to quickly learn existing platforms and within a short period of time began providing bug fixes and contributed new features. The work continued until the customer established internal capacity to take the work back to own team. This helped the customer to go smoothly through a difficult period.

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