Case Study

Case Study – Web Service Reverse Engineering


One of Mobica’s customers, a Global tier 1 telecommunications vendor, has planned an expansion of existing web service which was developed by a 3rd party. The service is used to support vendor’s customers using their telecommunication infrastructure with features such as account information (MSIDSNs), voice message and call preview, company directory information and call forwarding settings.

Delivered Value

The full request from the customer covered several high level activities which Mobica was approached to perform and did successfully execute:

  • Creation of Proof of Concept (PoC) for developing a mobile version of the service for the iOS platform that will connect with the existing web service
  • Creation of a High Level Design (HLD) of backend architecture for the application server to act as synchronization of company directory details and as proxy for other actions
  • Design of wireframes and mock-ups for the iOS application by UI/UX designers
  • Analysis of existing user stories
  • Preparation of project estimates for a commercial offer including development work for iOS, Android, backend and Android application UI


You can download this case study here