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Computer Vision: Integrating with the Real World – White Paper

What is computer vision?

The field of computer vision allows a computer to emulate human vision by showing perception and understanding of the content of an image or video. The computer can then make decisions based on this understanding: for example, detecting the collision of an object coming towards it or identifying parts of an input image such as a face or type of object.

Mobica covers computer vision from the perspective of a software services company. An overview of the type of projects performed by Mobica and some of the lessons learned are provided, followed by a discussion of how Mobica expects the field of computer vision to develop. Mobica see the biggest challenges as coming from two aspects: firstly, there need to be improvements in performance and efficiency; secondly, the functionality needs to be made more easily available to developers.

What You’ll Learn
  • Benefits for varied industries
  • Optimisation & Memory bandwith
  • Challenges in computer vision and possible solutions
What’s Inside
  • 11 pages of actionable content
  • Pipeline diagrams

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