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Mobica teams up with Intel and Lolli and Pops at NRF

14th January 2018, New York, USA – Mobica teams up with Intel and specialist confectionary retailer Lolli and Pops to demonstrate how a personalised customer experience, as innovative as the candy outlet’s confections, could be delivered using advanced hardware, AI enhanced analytics and computer vision.

Through computer vision, Lolli & Pops “Magic Makers” can recognize opted-in loyalty members in real time as they enter the store. Using AI-enhanced analytics, the retailer accesses members’ preferences and makes personalized product recommendations – giving shoppers the sweet VIP treatment and ensuring they keep coming back.

So how does it work? It starts with Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras, which are positioned in the walkways of a store. Real time images are sent to the server where Mobica software recognises human faces and models them using accurate 3D vectors for comparison against Lolli and Pops’ Loyalty database. If the customer is on the Loyalty programme, and has opted in for facial recognition for which their face is mapped once on registration, a match occurs. This means that the customer is uniquely identified and the record containing the customers face, name and any of their preferences is be pulled from the CRM system. This is sent, together with any AI generated suggestions of products based on past purchases, directly to the Associate’s tablet. The Associate now can deliver a very personalised message to the customer containing a greeting by name and then a recommendation of any chocolates that match their specific preferences delivering a fantastic experience across any store.

This Proof Of Concept is shown on the Intel Booth at the NRF 2018 conference in January 2018. The plan is to pilot and roll out this solution to Lolli and Pops in H1 2018.