Intel Android BSP

Professional Engineering Services For Android

Mobica is the ideal software engineering partner to help you to evaluate the Intel® Atom™ Bayley Bay EV/CRB against your specific requirements. With our vast experience of Android across the software stack we enable hardware vendors to customise and tune everything from firmware/drivers through middleware/frameworks to application layer.

Multi-market Support

Mobica has a rich heritage in the design and deployment of Android solutions which have been tailored to the specific needs of a wide range of customers in multiple markets.

Our proven track record at all layers of connected devices from stack tuning to UI customisation mean we’re able to support Android implementations for multiple market sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Set-top boxes, TVs and residential gateways
  • Automotive/IVI
  • Point of sale/retail
  • Digital signage and kiosks
  • Medical/telehealth
  • Industrial automation

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Mobica's professional services include:

  • BSP evaluation/gap analysis
  • Firmware development and integration
  • BSP productisation
    • Faster/secure boot
    • Power management tuning
    • Security
  • Software stack tuning for specific domain
    • Sleep/wake and touchscreen/button behaviour modifications
  • Android framework customisation
    • Multiple windows
    • Audio system modifications
    • Multimedia optimisation
    • Browser rendering optimisation
    • Dual SIM/telephony
  • UI/look-and-feel design and implementation
    • Video player development
    • Social media integration
    • DLNA media controller development
    • Custom input methods/virtual keyboard
  • Android-specific certification

Support packages


Mobica’s free support package for Intel’s Bay Trail-T:

  • BSP binary download
  • Documentation


Mobica’s basic support package for Intel’s Bay Trail-T:

Software Collateral

  • User guide
  • Firmware
  • System images

Build host support

  • Configuring the build environment
  • Building the system image

Build target support

  • FFRD setup & configuration
  • Firmware installation & configuration
  • Installing the Android system image
  • Debug / diagnostics setup between host & target

E-mail and telephone support

  • Dedicated staff who are trained to help

Mobica’s custom support package for Intel’s Bay Trail-T:

For bespoke Android BSP services please contact our sales team