Big Data & Analytics

With businesses across many industries gathering large amounts of Big Data – and getting more and more of it every day – there’s a growing need to think not only about storage strategies, but also about how to benefit from it in the best possible way. Often this means finding ways to capitalise on past and present information to predict future trends and gain competitive advantage. The solution is Big Data analytics.

You can rely on our experience in this field, and our proven record of designing and developing Big Data systems from analytics through to migration and development of cloud. We work with leading technologies such as MongoDB, Pentaho and Oracle.

Storage / warehousing

The basis for every Big Data system and strategy is a well designed, healthy, scalable and smooth running infrastructure. We’re experts in designing and developing these schemes, collecting and maintaining everything from IoT sensor data to customer data.

Data analytics

When it comes to analysing data and gaining the insights to guide smart decision-making, you can count on our expertise. Experienced in discovering pattern and trends, we work with leading financial institutions and telecoms software providers to develop fraud detection engines and analytics for API optimisation programs.

Data visualisation

Data has to be well formatted and visualised so decision makers can draw the right conclusions fast. We use a broad range of available and custom-made frameworks (like HTML5 and Grafana) to deliver interactive visualisation dashboards.

Mobica in action

Storage and analytics

The design and development of an account statements analytics and storage system for the banking industry built around MongoDB as part of an online banking solution

Advanced IoT dashboards

A web-based dashboard UI for managing networks in the electricity market to support millions of smart meters in developing countries

Visualisation dashboard

The design and development of highly customisable customer dashboards for a leading mobile network operator as a part of innovative service delivery platform