Whether it’s the power of distributed computing, faster time to market, lower IT costs, scalability, business continuity or collaborative and flexible work practices, cloud computing technologies can bring huge benefits. Yet at the same time they also create challenges in terms of finding the right fit with business requirements, and in implementing them effectively.

Our cloud engineering team has a proven record of delivering cloud technologies to our customers – both for public and private cloud systems and applications – with expertise spanning the full cloud deployment lifecycle from roadmap planning through to design, development, migration and maintenance.

Private cloud migration

If it’s not handled well, cloud migration can prove expensive and difficult. In the worst cases it can result in disastrous data loss. Our experienced and specialised cloud migration team can first help you identify and then deliver the best private cloud solutions to fit your needs (such as OpenStack or CloudStack) – from creating the architecture of the platform solution to the migration of applications and content.

Public cloud migration

To remove the burden of managing cloud infrastructure, many companies choose to migrate their systems to public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce Heroku or Microsoft Azure. Our highly successful track record of migrating customers’ existing systems to public clouds – from planning to deployment – includes migration from on-premises e-commerce and broadcasting systems to AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

Cloud applications development

In order to enjoy the full business benefits of cloud computing, most companies will also need to build cloud applications. Our cloud computing team specialises in this area too – taking care of the architecture, development and migration of cloud applications to help make sure that the process goes smoothly and without any unforeseen problems.

Cloud management / DevOps

Once applications and systems are migrated into a private cloud they need to be managed properly. Our team of DevOps engineers help our customers to run cloud infrastructure smoothly, making sure that no problems arise and that all systems are running at highest capacity.

Mobica in action

Design and development of highly scalable IoT platform based on Amazon Web Services public cloud to track multiple types of GPS-enabled devices and communicate with mobile applications through RESTful API

Design and development of a complete cloud backend solution for BT

The system is working in cooperation with the customer’s virtual PBX system to provide mobile RESTful APIs to enable access to corporate directories, call history, line and presence status for all users

Cloud-based high availability advanced payment service product design and development for a leading mobile payments company, used by major mobile network operators around the world

Design and development of cloud-based software delivery platform for a major UK mobile network operator based on OpenStack architecture