"Customer Experience has become the main competitive front for the Fintech industry and is a massive challenge for companies."

Why Customer Experience is important in Fintech


Gone are the days where banks and financial institutions companies would comfortably compete just on price and services alone. These organisations now need to embrace innovative opportunities that are rapidly evolving or risk becoming irrelevant and losing business. From our experience the following are the three main trends driving technological solutions:


Changing Landscape

The world is changing; from the way we go about our daily lives to the frameworks that business operates at a macroeconomic scale. We all travel more and regularly use Social Media, smart technology driven by ever faster networks, remote working and respond to a 24/7 hour society. Compliance with changing legal frameworks such as PSD2, that crack open the payments market, allows opportunities for nimble organisations to take foothold in traditionally closed markets. A prominent example of this has been the deployment of payment services by the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung and even Facebook. This changing landscape creates both risk and many opportunities, providing a disruptive environment for new and traditional companies alike.



The need to connect with remote systems and a plethora of cloud based services  from our homes, cars and even from the palms of our hands is increasing exponentially. The ability to carry on doing things in our busy lives means that organisations need to ensure that they can remotely identify, authenticate and keep all our transactions safe and private. Ignoring security can rapidly damage a company product’s reputation and risk large scale fraud. This drives organisations to have better authentication, higher encryption and to ensure better test methodologies to uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their products.


Customer Experience

Driven mainly by millennials, there is an increased need to be social, mobile and better informed. Innovative and intuitive technology has emerged to allow easier methods to transact, communicate and to do all of this while we are constantly on the go. With demands for personalised communication, instant gratification and self service to deliver richer customer experiences, financial institutions and technology companies need to be dynamic, quick to evolve and provide scalable and high quality software solutions.  

What does this mean?

In such a competitive market, lagging behind your competition in regards to customer experience can ultimately result in a loss of your loyal customers. Companies need to develop their services with their customers right at the centre. We are working with the technology pioneers to develop new technologies that improve the customer experience, cater to the new challenges, drive innovation and to deliver growth.

But where do you start? It doesn’t have to be a daunting task - leave us your contact details and we will call you straight back to discuss how you can deliver a personalised experience to your customers.

Customer experience

We have worked with Mobica over the past 2-3 years and found their engagement from Scoping to software delivery as both professional and flexible to our business needs. They would certainly be a development partner we would be happy to engage with in the future.”

James Hulme, CTO, eServGlobal

“Mobica cared about the product quality as if it were their own product. Working with Mobica has been stress free, collaborative and enjoyable.”

Leading UK Telecoms Operator

“Working with the team at Mobica has been great for us. It only took the teams less than a week to get our SDKs working on Tizen, proving Mobica’s depth of knowledge, market knowledge and expertise brings a wealth of value and benefits to many of our mutual customers as well as new opportunities where time to market is paramount.”

Vice President Mobile, RealVNC

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