Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether it’s smart homes, smart offices, smart transportation or even smart cities, the IoT connectivity that allows sensors and devices to be accessed and controlled remotely has the power and potential to benefit billions of consumers and the industries that serve them.

Where there’s data that can be collected electronically, aggregated and processed to automate and optimise decision-making, IoT solutions are to be found – creating new ways to generate revenue and business growth opportunities from Big Data management.

You can count on our proven track record in the design and development of the technologies that underpin these solutions – from embedded edge devices, mobile edge computing and gateways through to complex data farms, storage, cloud-based applications and underlying telecoms infrastructure. We partner with leading organisations who are creating the next generation of IoT technologies including Intel, ARM and IBM – helping to make sure that solutions are robust, managed and secure.

IoT enablement – from the network edge to the cloud

In the semiconductor arena, our engineering team has a long and proud record in the architectural design, development, integration and validation of software components that enable our customers to differentiate their silicon products. From microcontrollers and sensors through to consumer devices and data centres, we provide a range of services and work in close partnership with our customers to help them build and optimise their next generation platforms.
We develop solutions for intelligent gateway providers, storage, telecoms and networking, including web services, security, APIs and cloud computing platforms. Our experience spans multi-node cluster and cloud deployment while our wide industry knowledge includes banking/finance, telecommunications and content management platforms. Examples include transactional / banking servers, web service gateways, storage systems, software defined networking and television broadcasting.

Mobica in action

Smart metering

Embedded software for a smart metering communications hub that provides the conduit between a cellular GSM network, a wide area network and the home area network. The hub has to operate continuously for 15 years in order to meet the Great Britain Companion Specification.

Connected car

End-to-end analysis of data gathered from automotive sensors, relayed to a telematics company to manage their fleet and also used by insurance companies.

Advanced metering infrastructure

A web-based dashboard UI for managing networks in the electricity market to support millions of smart meters in developing countries.

For a microcontroller manufacturer

Technical specifications and software patches for their range of microcontrollers embedded in edge devices such as fridges.

Other software expertise areas include

PLC sensors, HVAC, medical devices, temperature sensors, accelerometers, UAVs, water pipes, vending machines, alarms and CCTV