Technology Consulting

If you’re looking for the right expert advice to solve a specific problem, or select the most appropriate solution, or help plan your projects efficiently and implement them effectively – you can rely on our technology consulting services.

As thought leaders working extensively in R&D with deep and proven expertise in all our technology areas and industries, we can add innovative ideas and real value to your product development – helping you get your new offers faster to market and at lower risk.

With a close understanding of your development roadmap, our technology consulting team are perfectly placed to help define new products based on leading edge and coming technologies.

Tell us what you want to achieve

Starting with a Business perspective of your goals, we can then help you define requirements, select, design and deploy the right technical solutions to achieve and wherever possible exceed them. As proven innovators we relish every new opportunity to use technologies in novel ways to bring you exceptional results.

Getting your ideas off the ground

Our customers often come to us with the germ of an idea. We can help bring them to life and make them real by developing user stories, proofs of concept, mock-ups and demos. It’s how we help make sure that ideas are proven and that investment can be made wisely before starting full-blown development.

Impact assessment

Before we recommend any technology for a project we can help with the creation of an objective impact assessment – what’s available, what investment of time and money will be needed, and what the likely returns will be. Potential scope and possible automation are fully considered so that any solutions can be developed with future enhancements in mind.

Future proofing through bleeding edge development

The work our engineering teams do at the bleeding edge of technology across all our industries gives us valuable insights not only into the latest deployed technologies but also those that will be available in the next 12 to 24 months. The breadth of our experience is also a crucial factor in deploying innovative solutions from one domain to another.

Mobica in action

Porting digital communication forms to iOS and Android for a CCM leader

GMC Software, the global leader in customer communications management for the finance and insurance sectors, asked us to extend their existing web-based digital communication channels capability on mobile platforms. Their aim was to offer enterprise customers multi-channel communication while increasing their own operational efficiency, revenues and customer satisfaction.

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Feasibility study and PoC for a class A maritime AIS radio system

SRT Marine Technology specialize in the development of AIS technology and product solutions for the global marine electronics industry including advanced radio communications technologies. Projects have included the development of some of the most challenging and sophisticated voice and data radio communication technologies for commercial, professional and military applications.

BT Mobile

Mobica needed to investigate / prove the feasibility of using the existing VPBX back-end (utilized only by a VPBX web application) for mobile applications development.

Qualcomm Adreno

For Qualcomm, a world leader in mobile and next-generation mobile technologies, we carried out a competitive analysis and comparison of GPU developer tools available from the major suppliers with the aim of identifying possible improvements and a new direction.