Finding bugs and defects early in the lifecycle saves time and cost.

Why is testing important?


In 2016 software bugs and failures cost the worldwide economy $1.1 trillion. The majority of these errors were fixable through a testing process, but the software was put into production without a proper or thorough Quality Assurance process. Product failure extends further than repair costs, but also to reputation costs, neglect damages and other serious outcomes.

Software testing and Quality Assurance processes not only help to identify and fix bugs at key stages of the lifecycle, but ultimately improve the quality of the end product and produce a better end user experience.

5 Benefits of software testing

  • Maintenance Cost – Finding bugs and errors after production drastically increases over time. Implementing a QA testing process early reduces cost but also risk
  • User Experience – A crash or code break in a product results in a terrible user experience. Consistent errors can lead to loss of customers to competitors and ultimately, a loss of sales
  • Security – Services in the finance and banking industry is paramount. Ensuring that your product is secure against cyber attacks or data leaks is necessary to prevent loss of business, sales and reputational damages
  • Performance & Reliability - In today’s society, the risks of defects and failures in technology have become critical. Stress testing the capacity and the reliability of the product can prevent any end user failings, resulting in preventing severe costs or even loss of life
  • Best Quality – Testing ensures quality is at the highest level throughout all stages of the project cycle resulting in the end users satisfaction with their purchase. Testing isn’t just about finding bugs, it’s also about making sure the product meets its requirements.



Our solid reputation for quality assurance and testing – carried out by our own independent software testing division – comes from having successfully delivered a wide range of functional and non-functional testing services in Fintech and banking services together with; mobile, automotive systems, embedded, cloud and back-end projects for major global organisations.

We provide QA services for:

  • Industry leading Automotive OEMs & Tier 1's
  • IOT & Connected devices
  • Mobile and telecoms network operators
  • Semiconductor industry leaders
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Financial institutions
  • Leading software vendors

Our teams work to ANSI IEEE 829-2008, 1012TM IEEE and ISQTB software verification and validations documentation standards. Our expertise includes manual tests (functionality, usability) and test automation. While we can adhere to your own QA testing process, we usually provide an end-to-end service that includes test design, environment set-up and test processing.

Our testing process covers:

  • Functional testing such as unit testing and integration testing
  • Non-functional testing such as performance, stress and load testing and exhaustive and risk-based testing
  • Code-related testing, such as black, grey and white-box testing
  • Dynamic and static testing
  • Field testing
  • IoT testing
  • Security testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Regression testing
  • System testing

Banking Solutions Development & Testing

One of Mobica’s customers, a global leader in financial services and mobile banking, was looking for external support in the development and testing of mobile applications and platform solutions on a series of projects.

The projects included network solutions for mobile wallet applications, implementation of payment mechanisms and connections between payments, goods and service providers, enabling interoperability between banked and unbanked customers, ensuring access for people across all handsets, all mobile networks, all forms of money globally.

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Test Automation Framework

Payvision needed to ensure their product was scalable to meet growing demand in a fast moving market. Mobica was chosen as their preferred partner to design and implement a test automation framework for both new and existing products.

The main objective was to design and implement a Test Automation Framework. This would efficiently allow the creation of different types of tests, mainly focused on testing Payment API’s. This framework also needed to be suitable for Testing Load and Performance.

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Customer experience

“We partnered with Mobica due to their expertise particularly within the Automotive software development and testing area. So far they have assisted us with projects including: ThreadX, TKernel porting, SPICE Consultancy, Ensuring Aerolink source code is MISRA compliant & QA on system API (SAPI) TSS layer.

They are a very responsive and reliable partner and we hope to continue to work with them.”


Peter Samson, Senior Vice President, SI Embedded

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