User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI)

We can help you to get the user experience absolutely right – making sure your technology is fully adopted by your users, and that they can take full advantage of its features.

Our team will analyse every aspect of human/technology interaction to ensure a streamlined and straightforward user experience. And although the terms UX and UI are often used interchangeably, you can rely on our experts for their in-depth understanding of the difference and the significance of each.

We take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of user interaction. This starts with extensive research to understand the needs and expectations of your target audience.

Our proven methodology then looks at the many factors that influence the user’s perception of a device or application, asking and answering ‘why’ for each possible situation.

Our designers prepare ‘wireframe’ designs – ranging from low fidelity to highly detailed, accurate representations of the software.

We also use a wide variety of UX tools including personas and usability tests to provide you with best results.

Our approach

Fulfilling a robust UX design usually involves a number of steps, with the depth of each element varying according to the scope and complexity of the project.

User Experience (UX)

Information architecture

Our information architects analyse and categorise complex information systems into a consistent structural design. They develop models of navigation, usability structure and distribution of information, and determine the end points of user interaction – all the foundations of quality UX design.


Wireframes enable us to determine the best distribution of functionality and content in an application. They may vary in complexity and fidelity level but are a valuable tool in helping everyone involved to visualise parts of the product. Often the wireframing process enables us to identify and overcome assumption errors or potential development choke points at an early stage.

User flow

We design technology that takes people on a journey of logical steps towards a pre-determined goal. User flow is a process that enables us to analyse people's interaction with an application, streamlining the experience at every touch point. User flows may vary in complexity and scope but are an essential element in developing even the simplest application.


Mock-ups give an accurate impression of the final result before a single line of code is written. This step in the development process enables us to define the graphic style of screens, or elements within screens, to ensure visual appeal and streamlined usability. It's an exciting phase as the idea behind the product truly begins to take shape at this point.

UX/UI review

We conduct systematic UX/UI reviews against specific criteria to provide in-depth reporting of strengths and weaknesses. This external perspective brings fresh thinking to the internal team and leads to a set of recommendations that enable the product to be further improved.


Prototypes provide the kind of real life experience that can’t be achieved through documentation alone. It's an invaluable step that allows navigation and information distribution to be tested on the target device before development begins. We use various prototyping methods from simple, interactive PDFs to advanced simulations, with the approach usually dictated by the complexity of the application.

Implementation support

Our UX designers can provide structured support to the development team throughout the implementation phase. Their role is to help overcome technical issues, review designs and provide alternative solutions where problems are identified. This close partnership with engineers ensures a best-in-class end result, and helps the development phase to run more smoothly.

Branding, packaging and DTP solutions

Our graphic design expertise goes beyond our UX/UI service. Our in-house graphics team can provide design support for your brand, packaging and marketing materials including brochures, business cards, posters, pop-up banners and large format outdoor prints. Each of our designers has a background in the publishing or advertising industry.

User interface (UI)

Our user interface experts will ensure your technology looks good and is easy and enjoyable to use. We do this by understanding what you’re looking for in depth, and applying our knowledge of the relevant operating environment.

Commonly confused with UX (User experience) design, the UI focuses on the visual representation of the interaction between user and technology. In practice, the UI will determine the overall look of the technology, supported by concepts created by the UX experts.


Our in-house UX and UI teams work closely together to combine user perceptions and context of use with usability and beautiful, detailed graphics. Throughout the process we produce pixel-perfect mock-ups of the ideal UI design to suit your needs, helping with the decision-making process and reducing risk.

Our UI experts are highly experienced across a range of sectors, and all have artistic/design backgrounds.